Met’s prospect Amed Rosario having excellent season in minors

Playing for the Las Vegas 51’s in the PCL (Pacific Coast League) on offense is like playing on steroids… minus the steroids. The offensive numbers are often bloated because of the dry desert air in cities like Las Vegas, so the numbers that a player puts up at that level need to be taken with a grain of salt. Luckily for baseball’s No. 3 prospect, shortstop Amed Rosario, he’s put up strong numbers throughout his time in the minors.

The air in cities like Las Vegas, being so dry, causes a baseball to have less resistance and therefore it will travel further. However, for players like Rosario, who have a tendency to slap the ball around instead of knocking it out of the park, it’s easier to tell whether or not they’re actually having a good season.

Fortunately for the Met’s top prospect, Rosario has consistently put up similarly strong numbers throughout his time in the minors. It’s why he’s baseball’s No. 3 prospect. However, because of the PCL’s air, the fact he has set a career high in home runs and RBIs halfway through the 2017 minor league season must be looked at with some skepticism. Before this season, he had never hit more than 5 home runs, and he did that in 2016 in 120 games. In 2017 with Vegas, he has hit 7 in 70 games. He’s well on his way to hitting more than double his career high this season.

Rosario has hit for a very high average during his time in the minors. He is a career .287 hitter, and is currently hitting .322 in AAA. He’s also got 93 hits in only 70 games this season.

Rosario has very good contact skills, as he has always hit for a high average in the minors. Like many shortstops, Rosario is a contact hitter, and the Mets hope that he will be able to transfer that talent to the majors at a position that they haven’t been able to properly fill since Jose Reyes left to go to the Marlins in 2012.

While Rosario my be in AAA already, the Dominican shortstop is only 21-years-old and is still developing. The Mets should feel no need to rush him to the majors and will hopefully take their time developing him this season, while potentially giving him his first taste of Major League ball as a September call-up.


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