Yoan Moncada is having another solid season in AAA

When the Boston Red Sox signed Yoan Moncada for $63 million, along with a record breaking signing bonus of $31.5 million, they were hoping that they’d found their future second baseman and potential face of the franchise in the Cuban star. Since then, Moncada has been quietly working his way up the ranks and is now MLB’s number one prospect and has since been traded to the Chicago White Sox for absolute stud, Chris Sale.

Thus far in the 2017 season, Moncada has been hitting .287 with 8 home runs, 24 RBIs and 13 stolen bases. A solid season so far.

The switch-hitting second baseman is still young at 22-years-old, and has plenty of talent to back up his number one prospect status, and has often been compared to Seattle Mariners All-Star second baseman, Robinson Cano.

In 244 minor league games, and 934 ABs (at bats), Moncada has hit .287 with a .393 OBP (on-base percentage). He has also stolen 107 bases, while only being caught 18 times. That’s an obscene 85.6% success rate. That’s better than current resident of Cooperstown and stolen base king, Rickey Henderson, whose success rate was 80.8%. Albeit that was in the majors, while Moncada is still in the minors.

Moncada also has a steady eye at the plate, as evidenced by his OBP, but also his 152 walks minor league walks.

While unspectacular in his MLB debut with the Red Sox in 2016, where he only hit .211 in 8 games with no home runs and only one extra-base hit, that’s not irregular as he was only 21-years-old at the time, and it’s a well known fact that making your debut in the Show isn’t exactly good for the nerves.

Moncada and his fantastic bat-speed are having another successful minor league season in the minors while playing for the White Sox AAA affiliate, the Charlotte Knights. Now the question is: when will Moncada transfer his minor league success to the big leagues.


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